Break In Scheme

Legal, Audit, Risk & Compliance Specialist

CLARC Recruitment are delighted to offer our clients a FREE of charge service which would provide access to candidates who are looking to break into the Legal, Audit, Risk or Compliance (LARC) sector.

The reason we’re doing this is very simple. The LARC areas continue to be at the forefront of businesses at the moment and we see this as a great opportunity to help those candidates that are truly committed to breaking into these sectors and further enable their chances of achieving their goals.

Given the continued lack of candidates at the junior end of the market, evidenced by the minimal hires at this level over the past few years, we see this as a great opportunity to strengthen the junior end of the market, and develop strong experienced candidates for businesses going forward.

An excellent option for our clients to consider should they either have budget constraints or struggling to find that right individual with 1-2 years’ experience. A Break In candidate will hopefully get up to speed with the basics very quickly and you can help mould them into a great professional going forward.


We ask that we have terms agreed for any future recruitment of experienced LARC professionals, although we acknowledge and accept that there is no guarantee of when this will happen, if at all. Once these have been agreed we shall provide Break In candidates, that have authorised us to pass on their details, and match a predetermined criteria to fit your requirements e.g. minimum of 2.1 degree in Law. CV’s sent to you shall include contact details for the candidates so that you can liaise directly with them if they are of interest.

NB – we shall provide candidates for clients to contact directly. Should the client want us to manage an interview process and liaise with candidates throughout the process we shall charge a fee as per our agreed terms with the client.


For anyone looking to break into Legal, Audit, Risk or Compliance please email your details to Your email should include your CV and a short covering email (100-200 words) stating why you want to Break In to whichever is your preferred sector. We shall then be in touch about any relevant opportunities as and when we have them.

NB – Candidates please do not call in, email applications only. Due to the high volume of CV’s we cannot respond to each email on a personal basis. We shall contact you prior to your details being passed to any clients as the CLARC Guarantee always remains in place.

The CLARC Guarantee – we 100% guarantee that your CV will never be sent to a client without your prior expressed permission so all of your details are totally secure with us.

For more on why we’re doing this please read this blog from our MD, Chris.